Skeena River, British Columbia

I have been exploring the Skeena System for many years, and host a group of anglers each year during prime time at Skeena Spey Wilderness Lodge.  This operation takes care of us both on and off the water, as we seek to encounter a steelhead of a lifetime.  No dams, no hatchery fish, no kooks side drifting beads...heaven.

2022 August 28-Sept 4, Full


Pluma Lodge, Bolivian Jungle

Just to experience this remote jungle wilderness on this beautiful Amazon tributary is worth the trip.  There is also the amazing accommodation and native cultural experience.  But then you are also sight fishing for Golden Dorado, who are the most bad ass fish on the planet.  

2024 July 20-27 Heli Fishing at Pluma Lodge...epic


Belize, Blue Horizon

Permit fishing isn't for everyone, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.  I also love tarpon fishing, which there are ample opportunities for those too at the famed Blue Horizon Lodge.  Prime week at the best Permit lodge on the planet.

2023 May 17-24, Inquire


Louisiana Marsh, New Orleans

Sightfishing for big bull Redfish is a really cool experience.  Our time off the water is spent exploring the epic food, music, and fun New Orleans has to offer.  

2022 December 11-15, Inquire


The Dean River, BC Kimsquit Bay Lodge

The Dean River in British Columbia.  No description necessary.

2022 August 12-19, Full

2023 August 11-18, Inquire

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Quality experiences with old and new friends on and off the water.  I seek out the best the planet has to offer.