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Conservation Based Angling

I have been fortunate to have explored, fished, and guided on hundreds of amazing watersheds in the states and overseas.  These days I am primarily guiding on what I believe are the finest steelhead rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest.   These rivers include the Rogue, North Umpqua, and Coastal Rivers of Oregon, along with the magical rivers of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and the famed Klamath, McCloud, and Fall Rivers in California.  Throughout the years, I have acquired multiple special use permits allow me share special sections of rivers with my guests.  This includes the North Umpqua, Flywater, the Wild and Scenic section fo the Lower Rogue and Illinois, and the National Forest of the middle Klamath River.  All steelhead trips are swing only.  


All  of my trips are experience based, instructional guiding.  This means that we are more interested in moments, not numbers.  I teach skills that you will use on your own angling journey.  I am interested in cultivating a long term relationship with my clients, where the client's progression of casting & angling skills, respect of the resource, and enjoying the whole angling experience is our primary focus.  Being a conservation minded person, I wish to educate my clients on how to help preserve the watershed in which we are angling on.  It is also my goal to practice the utmost etiquette with all the other anglers who we share the water with.  



Other Services include:

  • Client focused Hosted travel coordinator, both domestic and international, with years of world wide hosted travel experience

  • Featured Guest Lecturer for clubs and conclaves, both in person and Zoom Presentations available

  • Feature article writing & photography 

  • Casting demos and clinics, FFF Certified single hand

  • Six Pack Captain's License for coastal jet boat trips

  • Destination travel expert and booking agent

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