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Skeena River, British Columbia

I have been exploring the Skeena System for many years, and host a group of anglers each year during prime time at my good friend Brian Niska's Skeena Spey Wilderness Lodge.  This operation takes care of us both on and off the water, as we seek to encounter a steelhead of a lifetime on the main stem of the Skeena and some other special places.  No dams, no hatchery fish, no kooks side drifting beads...heaven.

2024 September 23-30 Full


Pluma Lodge, Bolivian Jungle

Just to experience this remote jungle wilderness on this beautiful Amazon tributary is worth the trip.  There is also the amazing food and accommodation on top of the native cultural experience.  Plus, you spend the day sight fishing the most beautiful and remote rivers in the world for Golden Dorado, who are the most bad ass fish on the planet.  

2024 July 19-28 Heli Fishing Combo at both Pluma and Secure Lodges...truly epic


Belize, Blue Horizon

Permit fishing isn't for everyone, which is one of the many reasons why I love it so much.  I also love tarpon fishing.  Its cool when you can do both on the same day, which you can at iconic permit guide and Belize icon Lincoln Westby's famed Blue Horizon Lodge.  Incredible location, amazing food, and superb accommodation make this trip a must for the serious permit angler.

2023 May 17-24, Full


Louisiana Marsh, New Orleans

Sightfishing off a skiff for big bull Redfish in the beautiful Louisiana Marsh is such a pleasure.  Our time off the water is spent exploring the epic food, music, and fun the French Quarter of New Orleans has to offer. We have this trip totally dialed.

2024 November 6-10 Full


The Dean River, BC Kimsquit Bay Lodge

The Dean River in British Columbia is at the top of the bucket list for every keen steelheader.  The scenery, the opportunity to encounter amazing fish, the lodge, the staff...heck even the float plane ride to get there is magnificent...

2024 August 9-16, Full

Why hosted travel?  

Over the years, I have been fortunate to establish an incredible client base that enjoys spending time together both on and off the water.  The members of the Speytribe look at angling in a very similar way, in that we wish to participate in angling  in the most skilled and dignified manner as possible, with the utmost respect for the environment, other anglers, most of all…the fish.  .  


After over 20 years of destination hosted travel, I have built relationships of trust with the finest booking agents, lodges, and outfitters on the planet.


Along with providing expert angling insight and experience, a quality host works as an intermediary between you and the outfittter, will have detailed information about the venue, an extended itinerary, and in some cases even arrange the booking for the non-venue lodging and transportation to and from your venue.   I am also always available by phone or email to answer any and all questions. An added bonus of an experienced host is that you don't end up at a lodge with a group of people who you just don't want to be around. 


A good host will make sure the client’s angling skills are appropriate to the selected venue, and be prepared challenges that they will face on and off the water


Finally, I personally oversee that the entire coordination and execution of the trip runs as smoothly as possible, based on the reasonable goals and expectations of the client and capabilities of the lodge and outfitters.


Contact me for future availability and upcoming trips

Seeking out the finest angling experiences the planet has to offer.


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