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Please inquire for Availability & Info.  All trips usually book a year in advance.

January-March: Swinging for Coastal Winter Steelhead in Southern Oregon & California via jet boat & float trips

March/April: Southern Oregon coast & North Umpqua winter steelhead, Olympic Peninsula on hold

 May/June: Fall River trout guide trips & Saltwater hosted trips to Belize, Honduras, and the Florida Keys

July/August: North Umpqua and Rogue summer steelhead
*  Golden Dorado hosted trip to Bolivia 

August/September: Rogue, North Umpqua, & Klamath steelhead trips
* British Columbia hosted trips to the Dean and Skeena Rivers

October-November: Rogue, North Umpqua, & Klamath steelhead swing trips

December: New Orleans Hosted trip for the Bull Redfish of the Louisiana Marsh


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